Liko Lehua Butter was created and developed in 1996 by Diane Kaneali’i and her sister, Arleen Eblacas in the cool, quiet hills above Hilo, Hawaii. At first, the business was simply a way to help the two sisters to get to Canada but slowly Liko Lehua began to expand. After a trip to Kahoolawe a few years later, Diane realized that Liko Lehua was more than a way to make ends meet; it was a way for her family and generations to come to prosper, while offering a truly extraordinary product to the islands.

Soon, she had the whole family together making cases of deliciousness for shows, festivals and events. As word got out about the delightful island delicacy, the company outgrew its home and moved across the Pacific Ocean to Los Angeles. In the capable hands of Arleen Eblacas the company continued to grow and gain global market share. People from all corners of the world loved the tropical scents and flavors that emanated from each hand poured jar of Liko Lehua Butter.

In 2011 Liko Lehua returned to Hilo, Hawaii and into the hands of Diane’s niece, Dawn Kaneali’i. Adding her own zest for community enrichment and green business practices, she now runs a modest facility which can produce between 50 – 100 cases a day. Despite moving across oceans, the idea behind the butter has stayed the same:

• Family owned and operated

• Locally sourced products and employees

• Natural, fresh ingredients

• Quality control through small batches

• World class taste

• Proven track record

Liko Lehua continues to make a presence in the jam/jelly/spread market in flavor, market share and consumer appeal. Liko Lehua looks forward to growing into new areas through large distributors and small retail shops alike. Most importantly Liko Lehua looks forward to spreading Aloha across the world one jar at a time.

Mahalo Nui Loa,

Matt and Dawn Kaneali’i