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Liko Lehua Fruit Butters

Full-bodied and bold. This is the original Lilikoi Butter.

The flavor that started it all - the original Liko Lehua Lilikoi (passion fruit) butter. Nicknamed "LIQUID GOLD" by our Ohana - this brilliant gold spread is loaded with ripe passion fruit and excites a wave of sweet-tart sensations on your taste buds. The only limits for our lilikoi butter are those of your imagination!

Gluten Free
Natural Ingredients
Made with family-farmed fruit
Made in Hawaii
Small Batch

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Since 1996, each flavor of Liko Lehua Butter is lovingly handcrafted in small batches by our ohana in Hawaiʻi using only natural ingredients and real fruit. Available in 7 different flavors each jar is truly “kissed with aloha”. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Brad Grimm
Food is now Cuisine

Elevated my dishes to another level. The flavor and consistency of the butters are the best. Delivery was easy, right to my mailbox. Product was packaged well and shipped promptly.

Roxane Ng
Ono ono ono!

This is the best lilikoi butter ever! Guava butter deliciousness of fresh fruit! Perfect creaminess and balance of fruit. You have a fan!

Sandra Witten
Family gifts

My family was very happy with the lilikoi, mango and guava butters. They live on the mainland so it is an extra special treat. Thank you for your quick and excellent service.

Butterfly Jones
Truly hooked!!!

My nephew sent me a jar of the Lilikoi Butter Passion Fruit. It stayed on my counter tempting me to OPEN, OPEN, OPEN for days. Finally I did. WOW!!! I tried hiding the jar in the back of the refrigerator from the rest of my family. But it was discovered. As I scraped the last bit out of the jar, I knew I was going to order more. So I did. LIQUID GOLD indeed!

Heaven in a jar

Just the right amount of sweetness with authentic fruit flavor. I send the butters to friends and family on the mainland and everyone loves it.

INGREDIENTS: granulated sugar, butter (pasteurized sweet cream, salt, annatto [natural vegetable color]), passionfruit puree, pasteurized whole eggs, soy lecithin.


Liko Lehua Butter is the perfect addition to pancakes, bagels, ice cream, marinades, sauces, cheesecakes, salty or spicy foods and anything breakfast. Use it as a dip. Warm it and pour it on cheesecake and ice cream. Or put it on your partner… don’t worry its edible!

Liko Lehua Butters are handcrafted daily using local ingredients to ensure that every jar is ono (delicious). We hand pour, cap and label in small batches to ensure quality, freshness and flavor.

All of our gourmet butters are 18 months shelf stable. If the butter makes it past round one, make sure to store them in the fridge!

If you’re on Hawaii Island come and visit our store, Liko Lehua Café or Liko Lehua at the Farm in ʻŌlaʻa.